Big Boots Boost

Big Boots Boost

Most people will have a Boots advantage card and be sent the coupons in the post at some time, but how many of us shove them in our bag and forget about them? Or remember we have them only to find they are safely tucked away at home? Well now Boots are amongst one of the first stores that have pioneered the use of the phone app that lets you load coupons directly to your card from your phone!

You simply download the free app available for most smart phones, from either google or the android store and type in your card number once. The app will automatically give you the choice to load a whole load of online coupons to your card, including exclusive ones such as £5 off a £20 spend that crops up periodically, but also including anything from mouthwash to shampoo or children’s clothes. Swipe your card as usual at the till and the coupons will automatically come off if you have bought the product, and the best bit…….. Boots still send you coupons in the post that you can use alongside them!


Not only that but the app will let you know all about the latest deals that are available as well as any news and tips, such as help picking the right sun cream for kids or the latest sunglasses for yourself.

The new age of couponing is here people, no more scissors and paper, we’re going digital and I’m going shopping.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Boots boost.

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