Big Brand Suncreams Are Failing Protection Tests!

Big Brand Suncreams Are Failing Protection Tests!

So as the summer is fast approaching and the weather is finally beginning to change for the better, the last thing we should have to worry about is whether or not our suncream is failing us! But now a skin cancer warning has been issued as tests have proven that some suncream products aren’t giving us the protection that they are claiming to be!

As temperatures are set to soar this weekend, we want to make sure we have our suncream at the ready, but only if they have passed the UV and SPF performance tests, otherwise we could be wasting our money.

Researchers recently tested a variety of suncreams on ten volunteers to see which ones were most effective. Amongst them were a variety of own make brands such as ALDI, ASDA, Avon, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s and M&S going up against the big skincare brands like Nivea, Malibu, Hawaiian Tropic and Garnier to name a few. You’d be shocked at the results! suncream

All of these creams claimed to have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30, although some failed to even meet 25 whilst also falling short of the required UVA standard.

Piz Buin Buin Ultra Light Dry Touch Sun Fluid SPF30 failed the SPF test and was the most expensive at £11.30 per bottle! For that price you’d at least expect it to do exactly what it says on the front. It leaves me questioning what the customer would actually be paying for?

All of the own brand suncreams passed the test and offered the stated amount of protection both from sun protection and UVA rays, which just goes to show that you don’t have to splash out big money for good quality products!


Hawaiian Tropic Satin Protection Ultra Radiance retails for £7.00, however it fails to offer the UVA protection standard! Along with popular skincare brand Malibu who’s 200ml bottle retails at £3.00 who also failed both tests!

So if you’re going away this summer, think twice before splashing out on big name brands! Asda protect sun lotion is only £1.75 and is a product we can trust along with Sainsburys Sun Protect Lotion for just £2.00!





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