Big loophole for cheap flights has been revealed.

Big loophole for cheap flights has been revealed.

A travel expert has revealed a big hack to getting cheaper flights. This little trick could potentially save you a fortune and you wouldn’t believe how simple it is!

If you’re going on a holiday that involves internal flights within a country then there is a simple way to make it more cost effective.

All you have to do is go to the home website of the airline you wish to fly with and tell them that you come from that country. Airlines usually add extra hidden costs on for tourists automatically, but by saying you come from the country can eliminate that. 

Erico Ho who is a travel expert and editor of the website Map Happy discovered the trick as she came to the realisation that flights always seemed to be cheaper for her when she left buying them until she was actually IN the country. She tried going through sites like ITA Google instead of SkyScanner and Kayak which automatically assume she’s buying from her home country.

So for example, when she was buying a ticket from Cartagena to Bogota in Colombia, if she looked for the ticket with her point of sale as New York and currency as US dollars, the price of a round trip was $137 (£89)

But if she changed her point of sale to ‘Cartagena’ and the currency to Colombian peso, the cost is 269,340 Colombian pesos, which is the equivalent of $89 (£57.06), even though they were offering identical seats on the airlines.

If you go to the airline’s website then you should be able to change you location to that of your destination.

If you are thinking about booking flights over the summer or know somebody who travels around a lot, It’s definitley worth testing this top tip out to get yourself a discount.

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