Bike Riders Could Be Soon Made To Carry A Licence!

Bike Riders Could Be Soon Made To Carry A Licence!

Are you a keen cyclist who prefers to commute via bicycle rather than car? If so then you might soon have to provide  photo ID with you when cycling on the roads!

Obviously drivers are required to carry a drivers license, but it has been reported that cyclists may need to carry photo identification too in order to prevent them from breaking road laws.

The Daily Mail has reported: ‘Roads Minister Duncan Gay convened a second roundtable meeting on Monday to discuss cycling safety issues with motoring, pedestrian and cycling groups, and the need for photo identification got a positive response. If it gets the green light the move would require cyclists above the age of either 16 or 18 to carry photo identification at all times.’

Mr Gay said back in May that he was ‘increasingly persuaded’ by the need for a licensing system for cyclists to help reduce the chances of them breaking the law but it was argued at the time that introducing a licensing program for cyclists would put too high a financial cost on adults and children wanting to cycle. However, it seems there has been a re-think and now the situation is being re-evaluated.

The introduction of a new law requiring drivers to keep a safe distance when overtaking cyclists is also being discussed!

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