Black Friday Violence Warning

Black Friday is known for it’s violence and unacceptable behaviour from a small number of people.

But did you know, the violence has resulted in death?!

Black Friday is well known in the UK now for its huge shopping discounts, but it has also got a reputation for unforgettable violence.

You may remember last years Black Friday event, there should have been news coverage celebrating how much money the people of the UK managed to save, but instead it was overshadowed by unforgettable scenes of violence in stores up and down the country.

There were fights breaking out in supermarkets over bargain priced TV’s, grown adults snatching others bargains from their trolley, arguments… The list is endless!

There is one website in America that has been tracking Black Friday violence and fatalities these past few years and the results are devastating.

In a quote from The Sun, they say ”Most of the fatalities were a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel after staying up all night looking at discounts.

One of the horrific incidents occurred in 2013 when a father drove his two daughters after just three hours sleep, crashing and killing them.

In Long Island, US, a Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death by an “out-of-control” mob of shoppers.”

While we don’t have a website (that I know of) in the UK that records violence and fatalities, we know violence surrounding Black Friday in the UK is an issue. 

There have been 7 deaths and 98 injuries 

However, it doesn’t need to be! We are all adults, we all love a bargain and there are enough bargains to go around if we prepare in advance and do our homework.

  • Make a list of what you would like to buy
  • Research the prices on the run up to the event to ensure you are going to make a saving 
  • Check out my Black Friday post here to see the latest insider information so you know which products will be in Black Friday events
  • Arrive at the store early to avoid disappointment
  • Make sure you have child care, this isn’t a fun experience for children as these sales get super busy
  • If all this fails, there is always Cyber Monday you can participate in on 30th November. It is the same as Black Friday but all the bargains will be online instead of in-store.

Asda have already cancelled their Black Friday event and it does make you wonder if many other retailers will follow.

So this year, remember not to be drawn into any violence in-store. Lets bring the Black Friday excitement back and not overshadow the day with fights and violence.

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