Blackpool Pleasure Beach Review

My family and I visited Blackpool Pleasure Beach last week

My family and I love Blackpool. We have visited every year for the past 3 year. It is a great seaside town with a lot of fun for families.

Where we went – Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Who went? – Myself, My 3 children Simon 13, Jamie 8, Katie 5, my Mam & Dad, my sister Melanie 17 and my brother Andrew 16.


My husband and I take our 3 children to Blackpool every year as they love the pleasure beach. My Mam & Dad haven’t been to Blackpool pleasure beach in around 15 year while my brother and sister have never been. 

We were all looking forward to the visit as we know it has always been fun for our little thrill seekers, but as we don’t have older teens, we weren’t sure how good it would be for Melanie and Andrew. Melanie said she ‘Isn’t into rides’ but we were sure she would go on some and enjoy herself.

Unfortunately my husband had to drop out of the trip at the last minute due to illness… But we weren’t going to let that spoil our fun… Sorry Aaron! haha!

We hired a VW transporter from Arnold Clark to take us down there as there was so many of us. It worked out cheaper this way to split the fuel cost rather than take 2 cars.

When we arrived, we picked up our wristbands we had ordered online in advance. It was simple and there wasn’t much of a queue as it was moving pretty fast – we love fast and efficient staff so we can get straight in and start having some fun. 

The weather wasn’t the best when we arrived at the park, however we had all brought our rain coats with us so we weren’t going to let that spoil our fun.

The park was quite busy and there was a few queues but that is to be expected in mid August. The queues weren’t too bad though and they seemed to be going down steadily. No more than a 5 minute wait I would say.

My daughters favourite ride had always been the Alice in Wonderland ride so we headed straight there. Katie went on this ride with her Grandma and Aunty Mel, she loved it – even Mel enjoyed it!

44Here is my Mam and Katie on the Alice in Wonderland ride.

The rain died off and the sun came out… It turned out to be a lovely day 🙂

My Mam offered to go on Diego’s Rainforest Rescue with Jamie and Katie. My Mam didn’t realise that the hot air balloons went up in the air and you could spin them around in the air… Her face was a picture when she came off haha!



After my Mams little melt down on the hot air balloons we decided to take it easy and go for a trip on Dora’s World Voyage. This is a float around the world on a lazy river.


35 Jamie and Katie loved this.

We all climbed aboard the Bikini Bottom Bus! You go up and down past the coral and fish…



We then soared into the air on the Fairy World Taxi Spin. This was a big hit with Jamie and Katie, we had to go on this ride more than once




This is one of the newest rides at Blackpool, Wallace & Gromit’s Thrill-O-Matic. Take a ride in Wallace’s slipper through some of the most popular scenes in Wallace and Gromit. When you leave the ride, you can step inside the Wallace and Gromit store and buy some official merchandise. 






We then took a trip around the track at Alpine Ralley, this was a winner with the boys! My dad, Jamie, Simon and Andrew loved this.




There are many places to eat and drink in the park. From a buffet pizza shop, kiosks that sell hot dogs, chips, doughnuts etc, a Burger King plus many more – you really are spoilt for choice!

While we were there, there was a problem with the water in local areas so drinks were available in bottle form or hot only. I feel Blackpool Pleasure Beach handled this well as it could have really been a disaster if they hadn’t been prepared – well done Blackpool Pleasure Beach 🙂


19We stopped for a drink as the weather was really hot by mid day… Here is Melanie and my Mam having a rest…

Wow! This ride was great! It was fun for kids and adults alike and we loved it. Katie was too small to go on here so we had to take it in turns to go on so we could all get a turn. You are rocked backward and forward while spinning around in the air, hence the name Air Bender.



There are many opportunities throughout the day to meet Nickelodeon characters. Jamie and Katie met Dora and Spongebob while we were there. Katie has not stopped talking about meeting Dora, it was the highlight of her day. Dora really took the time to make Katie feel special by giving her a hug and getting to the floor to hold hands with Katie – I am one happy Mammy 🙂








There is a Chinese maze inside Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Simon didn’t realise the dragons squirted water every so often though until he walked through them… 




The Rugrat’s Lost River was a big hit with all the family. Just like a log flume, you are guaranteed to get wet when you head down the slope!




We went on a lot of the bigger rides too such as the rollercoasters, the airplanes, Valhalla – Wow Valhalla! Now that is a ride experience you need to take! 

Obviously I couldn’t use my camera on a lot of rides but there is definitely something for everyone here at Blackpool.

I visited with 3 generations of my family and each and everyone of us had a fantastic time. My Mam and Dad have said so much has changed since they were last there and they are hugely impressed. Melanie and Andrew really enjoyed it, Mel even got involved and came on most of the rides… We are already planning our next trip! 

If you are in the area or are looking for a day trip somewhere, then I can’t recommend Blackpool Pleasure Beach enough. 

You can save yourself money by booking online in advance too by clicking here…

I took so many photos that day, continue scrolling to see all the fun we had that day. If you choose to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, I hope you have as much fun as we did 🙂

1Katie sitting outside the Alice In Wonderland ride

2Simon, Jamie and Katie all ready for a fun filled day

4Dora and Gromit joined us on Dora’s World Voyage

5Jamie found a giant Spongebob made from Lego

10Katie went back to meet Dora a second time because she wanted to say ‘goodbye’ before we went home



14There is always time for a selfie, especially when queuing! My mam and I.

45Another selfie, this time with Katie and Jamie

16Is that Alice in Wonderland or Ashleigh Money Saver?

17Katie as Alice 🙂

23Even Wallace and Gromit love Blackpool!

25Looking for a day out on rollercoasters? This is where you need to be…


27Wallace and Gromit ride.

30Fairy Club Taxis

31Nickleodeon Land within Blackpool Pleasure Beach is fab!



37Melanie, Andrew and my Mam on Dora’s World Voyage

39Dora’s World Voyage

43The queues didn’t bother Jamie and Katie 🙂




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