Blackpool Tower Circus review

Blackpool Tower Circus review

This is a circus like no other, you NEED to visit…

Wow. Just wow.

Blackpool Tower Circus review

Let me start by saying I am not a fan of the circus. I usually only go along for the sake of the children because they enjoy the circus and my husband, Aaron, has a fear of clowns.

We got tickets for Blackpool Tower Circus for our latest holiday to Blackpool for the sake of our children but I was looking forward to seeing it because I’d heard the same family had been working in the circus for 25 year so they must be good at what they do.

You can’t take photos inside of the circus so I don’t have many photos of the circus to share with you guys but believe me, it was extraordinary.

Blackpool Tower Circus review

The Blackpool Tower Circus first opened to the public on 14 May 1894.

The Endrez family have been preforming at the Blackpool Tower Circus for 25 year.

Mooky and Mr Boo are actually father and son and perform together at the Circus.

I suggest getting your tickets in advance for the circus as it gets very busy and you really don’t want to be left disappointed. Queuing for the circus starts 50 minutes before the show actually starts and you are allowed in to choose your seats 30 minutes before the show which is enough time to grab some popcorn, a drink and some merchandise.

Blackpool Tower Circus review

Blackpool Tower Circus review

The show starts with an on-screen interview with Mookey and Mr Boo about how they got involved with the circus life.

When the show gets underway it is a laugh from start to finish. As I said earlier, I am not a fan of the circus but this was HILARIOUS. The jokes weren’t just directed to the children, there were plenty of laughs for us parents too.

Blackpool Tower Circus review

Mooky started grabbing people from the audience to come into the ring with him and Aaron went bright red when Mooky came across to him – luckily he didn’t have to go into the ring but Mooky got my husband to flex his muscles for the entire circus, he was mortified haha.

Not only are you given such a laugh whilst you are there, there are also death-defying stunts performed in the ring. With trapeze artists swinging from the ceiling and knife throwing, it is easy to say my heart was in my mouth throughout the entire performance.

The ending is spectacular, I won’t spoil it for you but lets just say the floor starts to sink…

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Blackpool Tower circus is easily the best circus I have ever been to and it is a must when you’re in Blackpool.

I will be visiting the circus on every trip to Blackpool in the future.

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