B&M Is Selling Boxes Of Peanut Butter Cornetto’s For Just 69p!

If you’re a massive fan of peanut butter, then you’ll love the latest summer treat from B&M Bargains.

Right now the affordable shop is selling boxes of four peanut butter flavour Cornetto’s for a ridiculously cheap 69p!

That’s just over 17p per ice cream!!

They’re the cheapest on the market too with Iceland charging a pricier £1.50 for theirs.

If you can’t get enough of peanut butter, then these ice creams will be the perfect summer treat for you. They feature a delicious peanut butter flavour ice cream and a caramel core, and are topped with dark chocolate and peanuts.

The peanut butter Cornetto’s do seem to be popular with fans online though, so if you want some for this weekend, you’d best be quick as we’re sure they’ll sell out fast!

Image: B&M
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