B&M Are Selling 10 Packs Of Gin Ice Lollies For Less Than Aldi!

If you’re a massive gin lover, you’ll probably be aware that gin flavoured ice lollies are now a thing and they’re the perfect treat (well apart from gin itself), for those long summer days in the sunshine.

And now, one of our cheap shop faves B&M have brought us their own version, and they cost less than Aldi’s and Sainsbury’s. And what’s better than gin ice lollies? Cheap gin ice lollies!

Sainsbury’s are said to be selling boxes of four lollies for £2.50, while Aldi are selling the same size box for £2.99.

B&M’s packs are £2.99 which doesn’t sound cheaper, however you’re getting way more lollies for your buck with their much larger 10 packs.

Which means you can enjoy 6 more ice lollies for the same price as Aldi and 50p more than Sainsbury’s!

You’ll get to sample three flavours in the packs of ‘On The Rocks’ ice-pops including; 4 gin and tonic flavour, 3 gin and elderflower, and 3 gin and pink grapefuit.

The lollies are strictly for adults though as they contain 6.7 per cent alcohol so they’ve definitely got a kick!

So although you’re not drinking an actual glass of gin, it’s safe to say these lollies may still leave you feeling a little bit tipsy!

We think they’ll be perfect for this upcoming bank holiday!

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