B&M Pie Face Recall

I have had SO many messages regarding the B&M Pie Face recall

There is a lot of mixed messages, is it recalled or is it not?

Now edited as the plot thickens!

Around a week ago we posted a photo of Pie Face priced at B&M for only £4.99 which is an absolute steal because this game is like gold dust and the RRP is £20, however, I have seen this game selling for a lot more on Ebay and Amazon lately.

So when I seen a recall for Pie Face going around which was addressed to all B&M staff, I thought it may have something to do with the price. 

However, a lot of people are saying its because the hand is faulty, others are saying the company behind Pie Face are being sued. There are a lot of rumours so I contacted B&M head office myself this morning.

I spoke to a lovely lady in the B&M customer service team who has told me that the Pie Face recall is actually false and they are looking in to where it has came from.


Hasbro, who make Pie Face, have said on their Facebook page; ”Hasbro has been made aware of counterfeit PIE FACE product available at B&M Bargains stores in the UK. These products have been withdrawn by B&M Bargains. This withdrawal does not affect the genuine Hasbro PIE FACE game, which continues to be available nationwide. Anyone with concerns about counterfeit PIE FACE games purchased from B&M Bargains should contact B&M Bargains directly”



B&M have said on their website that Pie Face has been withdrawn from sale; ”Pie Face has been withdrawn from further sale at the request of our supplier due to a licencing/branding issue. There are no safety issues and the product has not been recalled.”

pie face

pieface hasbro

pieface hasbro

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