B&M Is Selling Gladiator Style Hotdog Pool Fight Floats For Just £14.99!

If you loved the old TV show gladiators, or just love having some sibling/ family rivalry in the sun, then this latest release will be perfect for you!

Good old B&M has brought us yet another fantastic pool accessory for our summer holidays, and it’s sure to provide endless hours of fun!

The quirky pool game comes in the form of inflatable hot dogs, which you sit on, and the aim is to bat your rival off and in to the water by using the inflatable mustard and ketchup bottles.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? We’re definitely getting all of the gladiator and 50/50 throwbacks!

Image: B&M/ The Sun


At £14.99 this set is a bit more expensive than the brands other pool inflatables, but that’s because you’re getting twice the amount of floats with two hotdogs and two batons, plus a super fun game to play too!

We can’t guarantee there won’t be seriously competitive rivalry, but we do know we’ll definitely be going to get our hands on one for our upcoming summer hols!

Image: B&M/ The Sun
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