Boots 70 Off Sale 2016


I am getting a lot of messages asking about Boots 70% off sale 2016

This is the best time to shop the Boots sale

All remaining Christmas stock in Boots is now reduced by up to 50%.

However, in January, the remaining stock is reduced again – this time by a whopping 70%!

The bargains you can get are unreal. Soap and Glory gift sets, No7 gift sets, fragrance sets, toys and soooo much more!

I usually do a lot of shopping in this sale, buying gift sets, toys, fragrance etc and I put it away for birthdays throughout the year and even Christmas presents! It definitely pays to be prepared because come September when Boots get their Christmas stock back in, the prices are back to their original price again and you know you have saved a fortune by shopping in advance.

It is also a good time to buy Christmas cards and wrap for the following year as they usually get reduced to around 7p.

This usually starts online at 4am and 8am instore – you’re best off shopping online if you can as the stores get very busy and it turns into pushing and shoving. The past two year I have shopped instore and it hasn’t been a good experience. The staff are hounded for the bargains, as they are trying to bring more bargains from the back of the shop onto the shop floor, they are surrounded by a ton of bargain hunters who try and grab everything on the trolley before it reaches the shelves. So definitely shop online if you can.

DATE NOW CONFIRMED AS Wednesday 13th January 2016.

Boots 70 off sale 2016 is definitely one of the best sales of the year.

Head to Boots now…

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