Britain’s Got Talent Top 5 Auditions

Britain’s Got Talent Top 5 Auditions

So now that Britain’s Got Talent is finally back on our Tv screens for its ninth series, I’ve decided to do a post featuring my top 5 funniest auditions from the past nine years. Unlike The X Factor or The Voice, BGT really does offer the most ridiculous and bizarre acts, which is why it is so entertaining! Saturday’s episode offered some great acts such as my personal favourites the talking dog and the young singer Calum Scott but lets take a look back at my previous favourites.


1. Can you remember the ‘where’s me keyes, where’s me phone’ man? I absolutely loved this audition. He had the judges and the audience transfixed! Ant and Dec really topped the whole thing off by rummaging through there pockets and coming on stage with the missing keyes and missing phone! Watch the full audition below and prepare to have the annoying but extremely catchy tune in your head for the rest of the day.

2. Stavros Flatly rose to fame after this tongue in cheek father and son act performed on the show  in 2009! They actually made it into the finals with their Greek dancing too! 



3. This list wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to the little Terrier that kept attacking Ant! This act may not of went to plan, but it had me in absolute stitches! Definitely should of gone through to the next round although it might of been slightly upstaged by the talking dog act which followed! We all know Simon loves a good dog act and he’s not the only one, I found them hilarious. 

4. Can you all remember the Chippendales from the 2010 series of BGT! I can’t believe how much they all looked like their characters! It’s worth refreshing your memory with the video below purely to watch Simons reaction when he sees his doppelganger. It just had to go in my top 5!


5. And last but not least 14 year old comedian Jack Carroll! This young comedian shocked the nation when he came on stage with all of his own material and had everyone cry laughing! He finished as a runner up and has continued with his comedy career since finishing the seventh series of the show! Watch his first audition below, you’ll love him!  

So with the new series up and running, I’m excited to see what other bizarre, funny and amazing acts the show has to offer! I’ll be tuning in to the show every Saturday so I’ll keep you all updated with my favourites and let you know if I think I’ve spotted any potential winners!

Have you ever wondered what all the previous winners of The Voice are doing now?

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