British Boozy Bangers- BBQ Brilliance from Aldi

Aldi have released a game changing addition to the Great British Barbeque and you’re going to love it

Just in time for the summer and some *fingers crossed* sunny weather, Aldi have released two brand new barbeque sausages, with a twist. The first new flavour is made with cider and bramley apple and are larger than the standard BBQ sausages at a massive 100g each.


The other new flavour is made with golden ale and vintage cheddar and is sure to be hit at any barbeque event this summer. Cheese, meat and alcohol, what more could you want?

At £1.99 for a pack of four, they come in at almost half the price of the Marks and Spencers equivalents from last year, so it looks like another brilliant boozy bargain from Aldi!


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