British Gas customers check your meters now.

British Gas customers check your meters now.

If you are a British Gas customer then you may want to check your accounts as the company are taking up to triple the amount of the money necessary from some customers accounts.

British Gas have been experiencing problems for the past couple of weeks and as a result of this, customers are noticing money disappearing from their accounts.

The Mirror has reported that one customer logged onto his account to check his online meter, only to find that his direct debit amount had trebled from £60 to £180 a month and more money had gone out that day.

There have been several similar incidents over the past two weeks and the bank are aware of the issue but have not yet fixed it.

If you are a British Gas customer then it is advised that you log into your account to make sure no unusual payments have been made as soon as possible.

If you notice that your direct debit has increased by an abnormal amount or you’re in a lot of credit then you should contact British Gas straight away and explain the situation.

You can call British Gas on 0800 048 0202.

Once you have made them aware of your issue they should give you a refund of your money.

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