Poundland Are Selling Bubble Bags £17 Cheaper Than Topshop’s Version

Nineties fashion has definitely made a comeback over the past year with crop tops, sporty styles, and chokers all the rage, and the latest retro trend to re-emerge is the iconic inflatable bags we all went mad for as teens.

If you have a teenager who is obsessed with the nineties fashion trends, or are reliving your youth through your fave fashion era, you’ll definitely be interested in this bargain from Poundland!

The cheap shop have just started selling a range of bubble bags which are priced, of course, at £1!

Poundland have a range of different styles and colours in their version of the bubble bag.
Topshop’s bubble bag is super on-trend right now! It’s just like the original 90s version!

That’s a whopping £17 cheaper than Topshop’s £18 blow up backpack which is currently on sale!

So if you want to shop the trend but don’t want to spend a fortune, or your kids have an allowance to stick to, these Poundland bags will help them to stay stylish for a bargain price!

Top right image: Topshop
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