Burnt Bread Being Sold At Major Supermarket

Burnt Bread Being Sold At Major Supermarket

Sainsburys has started to sell what is essentially just burnt bread. The loaves have very blackened crusts and are labelled ‘Well Fired Loaf’.

This has lead customers to be very confused. People have been visiting their local sainsburys to get some shopping and coming across the ‘Well Fired Loaf’. Then  wondering why they would sell burnt bread. So they took to twitter and started asking sainsburys why they have done this.

This lead to an official spokesperson for sainsburys to explain why the burnt bread has been sold. They stated that the bread was not in fact burnt, but they informed that it is “the well fired loaf. So no burnt bread”. Which still doesn’t explain what ‘well fired’ means if it isn’t burnt.

This is not the first time that people have complained about the ‘well fired loaf’. In 2010 the loaf annoyed someone so much they went to an online forum to let out their frustration about the bread.

Without overgeneralising, some Scottish people seem to enjoy this overdone bread, as a few Scots have been quoted in saying that they love the well fired rolls.

Another spokesperson said where the ‘well fired loaf’ started. They said that the ‘well fired’ loaf originated in Birmingham in the late 1980s. Some independent bakers had the loaf and it was very successful. So, Sainsburys decided to start making it to try and compete with them.

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