Cabana – Brazilian Barbecue restaurant review

Cabana – Brazilian Barbecue restaurant review

Cabana is expanding and has recently opened in Newcastle upon Tyne

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch night of Cabana which is a Brazilian barbecue restaurant.

I have never tried Brazilian food or drinks before the launch night so I was pretty excited.

When I got to Cabana it looked lively, the place was starting to fill up and I made my way through the crowds passing some familiar faces in the blogging world.

The music was great and really got you in the mood for a fun filled night.

The food soon started being brought around and looked delicious.

  • Cheesy baked dough balls – They were easily the best dough balls I have ever had.

Cabana - Brazilian Barbecue restaurant review

  • Halloumi – If I’m honest, this looked like chargrilled chicken on a skewer so I was very surprised when I bit into it and realised it was cheese! It was very tasty though and I did go back for more

Cabana - Brazilian Barbecue restaurant review

  • Spicy Malagueta prawns – I am not a seafood lover but I had heard they were lovely so I gave them a try… Delicious! I think Cabana is the only place I will eat prawns from now on
  • A selection of chicken with different sauces on – All of them were as good as the other
  • Chocolate raindrop doughnuts – OMG! Can we all just stop what we are doing and take a moment please. Nutella in a dough ball… Nutella in a dough ball… just leave me here with these…

There was plenty of alcohol on offer too. However, I am not a beer or wine type of person, but give me a cocktail and I’ll be your best friend forever – honest!

There were a few flavours on offer, I tried them all for research purposes… I had to have a few of each just to be sure…

They were all gorgeous.

Cabana - Brazilian Barbecue restaurant review

Cabana - Brazilian Barbecue restaurant review

Then, just as I was feeling a bit tipsy, out came the dancers! You know the kind of dancers that show a lot of flesh, wear sparkly underwear and big head pieces? yes – well they were wonderful.

The dancers took the time to come to every table and chat with you and ask if you were enjoying yourself. They gave recommendations on the food and about Brazil itself. They both seemed genuinely lovely, they are so body confident but then so would I be if I looked that good in sparkly underwear!

Cabana - Brazilian Barbecue restaurant review

I spent the evening with some lovely blogger friends, Mandy who specialises in photography, Chloe who specialises in food, Pixie who is a fashion guru, I finally met Naomi who has just started a new blog and Katie who specialises in beauty. I had met Katie earlier in the week for the first time but we just seemed to click at this launch night and we ended up turning into partners in crime and encouraging each other to drink more alcohol, eating the last of the Chocolate raindrop dough balls and then we hit the dance floor doing the conga, the macarena and dancing with Gillian the dancer, we had tons of fun.


Cabana - Brazilian Barbecue restaurant review

I highly recommend Cabana and I can’t wait to visit again – Katie and I are already planning a night out starting in here 😀

To be honest, I love Cabana that much it has made my ‘Top places in Newcastle‘ post too! 😀

Cabana website

Cabana Facebook page


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