Cadbury Dream Chocolate Is BACK – As Ice Cream!

Have the Cadbury Gods heard our prayers? Maybe, because they’re bringing back the Dream white chocolate.

Cadbury Dream white chocolate is back. Yep, we’re excited too.

Even though the tasty white chocolate is still available in other parts of the world, it was discontinued in the UK back in the 00’s. There hasn’t been a white chocolate that has replaced the hole in our hearts since!

But now, it looks like Magnum’s white chocolate ice cream is going to have some serious competition. Cadbury are releasing a Dream ice cream, just in time for the weather heating up.

The Dream Stick Ice Cream sounds absolutely delicious, and will go down a treat with fans of the long-lost white chocolate.

Cadbury describe the Dream Stick Ice Cream as: “vanilla flavour ice cream covered in Cadbury Dream white chocolate” – yum!


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