Cadbury Launched Freddo Biscuits & They Cost How Much?…

If you love a classic Freddo and are a bit of a biscuit fiend too, you’re gonna love this new release from Cadbury!

The famous chocolate brand have given our beloved Freddo the frog a makeover, and it’ll be perfect for an afternoon snack with a cuppa.

The new Freddo biscuits are larger in size than the seemingly ever shrinking chocolate version, and are dipped in delicious milk chocolate.

Some people have pointed out that the new Freddo biscuits don’t look to dissimilar to Cadbury’s animal biscuits but on a larger scale.

The packets of biscuits cost £1.50, which seems a lot for Freddo, but you will be getting multiple biscuits per pack. We’re not sure about the exact amount yet though.

Many people online are loving the new release…

And some Freddo fans are still outraged at how much the beloved chocolate bar’s price has risen in recent years with it soaring from an original 10p back in the day to 26p today.

So, if you’re a big Freddo lover and don’t mind spending £1.50 on the yummy new release, you can find the packs in Tesco, Asda, Sainbury’s or Morrisons now!

Buy them HERE

Image: Cadbury
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