Cadbury Are Launching A Newsagents Where You’ll Get FREE Chocolate

Calling all chocolate lovers! Cadbury are opening their own newsagents and they’ll be giving away FREE Dairy Milk.

The three day pop up store will be stocked with a whopping 10,000 bars of Dairy Milk.

Open from 10am until 6pm every day, the store has a really unusual trading system.

All you have to take along to the shop is a small unwanted or unused item from your home, and you’ll receive your free chocolate in return.

This pays homage to the Cadbury advert where a little girl wants to buy a bar of Dairy Milk for her mum, but all she can offer the shopkeeper is a fake diamond ring and a button.

Sadly for anyone outside of London, the store will only open in Soho from January 25-28.

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