Cadbury Released New Freddo Treasures & They’re Under £1!

If Freddo’s have always been your favourite chocolate bars, and you just loved Kinder Surprise as a kid too, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on an all new Freddo Treasures!

If you thought Freddo’s couldn’t get any better (price not included), well you thought wrong, because Cadbury have just released an exciting new treat, and it includes surprise toys!

Unlike Kinder Surprise, instead of the toy being found inside a chocolate egg, Freddo Treasures come in the form of a plastic treasure chest.

One side of the treasure chest is filled with Dairy Milk Buttons as pretend treasure, and the other side includes an exciting surprise!

The surprises include a Freddo toy, one of his animal friends, puzzles and spinners, and there’s said to be 17 toys to collect!

They’re a reasonably priced 90p to buy too, so you can treat the kids (ahem yourself) to a fun little treat for under £1.

You can get hold of Freddo Treasures right now from all good supermarkets.

Be right back, we’re off to collect them all!

Image: Cadbury
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