Cafe owner threatens couple after they didn’t pay bill

Cafe owner threatens couple after they didn’t pay bill

However, it has caused huge backlash on the cafe Facebook page…

A cafe owner in Dublin threatened to expose the couple online using CCTV footage after they left without paying for their breakfast.

Paul Stenson, owner of The White Moose Café, took to Facebook to warn the pair that they had two hours to call and pay by card. He went on to say “If you do not pay within this timeframe I will share a CCTV image of you on this page and give you the biggest public roasting of your lives.”

Cafe owner threatens couple after they didn't pay bill

The couple called the cafe within the time frame and paid their bill, claiming to have thought breakfast was included in the price of their stay at the adjoining hotel.

But Paul wasn’t having non of their excuses, instead he chose to rant further on his Facebook page…


The couple who conveniently walked out without paying earlier just rang to pay their bill. They turned out to be hotel guests and though ‘breakfast was included’ in their room. Likely story. I guess thats why they both had porridge as well as a full Irish breakfast. The fat B******s.

In many ways it’s a pity they called. Could you image the amount of fun we could have had for the sake of a lousy €31.70. They were also very rude to the staff so I was actually looking forward to roasting them publicly. You wouldn’t believe how p****d off I am right now’.”

A lot of people commented on this post and defended the couple saying a genuine mistake may have been made.

However, Paul continued to rant “I can understand that some of you don’t have the intelligence to distinguish chancers from people who make genuine mistakes. But read my lips. These were CHANCERS.”

Was the cafe owner right to react the way he did or do you think he went too far?

Paul still seems to be enjoying the publicty after posting again saying ”If you are one of the thousands of people ‘vowing to fly to Ireland just to visit the café’, don’t forget we have a hotel upstairs. We will give you a 15% discount on rooms when you come. We pay 15% commissions to thieving b*****d companies like anyway, so we’d much prefer to see this money in your pockets. See the Charleville Lodge Hotel Dublin page for more deets.”

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