Calais Disruption, Travel Advice.

Calais Disruption, Travel Advice.

If you are planning on travelling through the channel tunnel then you may have heard the news just in that Ferry and Eurotunnel access is currently being denied to hundreds of people.

French ferry workers have caused chaos for British tourists after they set fire to stacks of tyres and blocked access Calais port and the Eurotunnel.

For those of you who could be affected by the disruption, the government have posted this travel advice online: ‘Cross-Channel passengers travelling from Dover/Folkestone to the Port of Calais are advised to check online with their chosen operator and plan their journey to avoid disruption. You may also want to follow local radio for travel updates.’

‘If you are in returning to the UK from abroad and you have a booking, check online with your operator for more information. You may also wish to consider alternative routes for returning to the UK.’

Eurotunnel bosses warned that the industrial action could get worse this afternoon, as disgruntled workers re-double their efforts to cause chaos therefore it is important to keep checking for updates on the Governments website if you are planning on travelling to France in the near future.

CLICK HERE to check for updates on the situation and for more information.

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