Calippo Shots Are Back & With A New Flavour!

There was nothing better back in the day than running to the ice cream van when it came tootling around the streets on a summers day to grab yourself the trending ice cream every kid wanted, Calippo shots.

It was the ice lolly that every kid had to have, and you always felt super cool sitting with your mates tipping the lolly drops in to your mouth with reckless abandon.

Ahh the memories.

So nineties and noughties kids will be excited to know that Walls have brought back their retro ice lolly shots back, and just in time for the warmer weather!

The classic pots filled with tiny ice drops have returned with a fun new flavour too, Strawberry & Lemon.

What’s great about them apart from their amazing fruity taste is that they only contain 25 calories per shot! So in our mind, you can have more than one refreshing treat on those *hopefully* hot summers days, and they’re still not bad for you!

They don’t contain any artificial colours or flavours either, so they’re great for modern kids and us big kids reliving our childhoods too.

The description for the new Calippo shots says; “Strawberry and lemon flavour ice drops, Calippo Shots are a burst of fun fruit flavour bite size refreshment. The perfect way to enjoy that summer feeling all year round.”

Sadly we don’t yet know when the new shots will hit supermarket shelves but we’re holding out hope for our local ice cream vans having them stat!

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to relive one of our favourite childhood classics.

Image: Walls
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