Calling All ASOS Shoppers – You’re In For Some HUGE News…

Shopping online can be difficult if things don’t quite fit which means you’ve got to send things back over and over…

ASOS, one of the nations most adored online retailers, have stated they’ll be making some big changes to their returns policy and it’s safe to say that our wardrobes are excited!

In an email sent out to many of their shoppers, ASOS mentioned that they will be changing their returns policy from 28 days to 45 days for some very specific reasons.

They went on to say that if shoppers return anything within 28 days, they’re eligible for a full refund, whereas if they return after that (45 days), shoppers will receive an ASOS gift voucher for the amount they’ve spent.

This change has mainly happened due to the fact that ASOS has noticed some suspicious returns and to deter packages being returned after a weirdly long period of time, the returns policy will be put into effect immediately.

The best thing about this change is that it gives shoppers that are a little confused about their purchases, more time to try their outfits on and return them if they’re unsuitable.

ASOS have also mentioned that the returns policy being changed in this way allows their brand to remain ‘sustainable’ and to look after the environment.

Here at Ashleigh, we’re excited about the changes ASOS are making to their returns policy as we’ll have an even longer time to try stuff on and return them if they’re unsuitable.

What are your thoughts about this new change to ASOS returns?

Image: Internet Retailing
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