Calling All Men! Here’s How To Make Money Easily In Your Spare Time

Hands up, who sits on the sofa on an evening to watch TV, but spends the whole time staring at their phone instead? Well, with Valued Opinions, you can earn money for completing quick online surveys in your spare time! Whether you fill out surveys on the sofa, on the bus to work, or even in the gym, Valued Opinions is a brilliant way of easily earning some quick cash. Valued Opinions are on the hunt for men to complete surveys about topics like films, sport and fitness – so if your hubby, boyfriend, brother or dad has a passion that he loves to share his opinions about with you, get him to sign up to Valued Opinions and reap rewards for sharing his thoughts! Sign up HERE.

How does it work?

When you become a member of Valued Opinions you’re given the chance to share your thoughts on a wide variety of topics – and you’re paid for your answers! Give your opinion on a range of subjects like specific products, brands, TV shows, films and loads more. Better yet, the more surveys you complete, the more the surveys tailor to you and your interests!

How much could I make?

With Valued Opinions you can earn up to £90-120 in vouchers over the course of 6 months, which is especially fantastic when we’re only 7 months away from Christmas. Use them to treat yourself, your wife or your family!

Where can I spend the vouchers?

The great thing about Valued Opinions is that you can redeem the vouchers both online and in loads of high street stores! To name just a few…






So, if you’ve got a husband, boyfriend, male friend or relative who loves nothing more than sharing his thoughts and feelings on loads of topics, or are a guy yourself who loves having his voice heard, sign up and make easy money from giving your opinion!

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