You Can Now Buy A GIANT GU Cheesecake But How Much Does It Cost?

If you love nothing more than indulging on GU’s delicious desserts, you’re gonna love this new offering from the brand!

The pudding brand are now selling MASSIVE GU Zillionaire Cheesecake’s, and they’re thought to be around the size of SIX of the brands classic dessert jars!

The treat costs £4, which you may think is a little pricey, but as a box of two jars usually cost £3, it’s a fantastic deal for its size!

We have to say it sounds absolutely mouth watering too as it consists of a fancy sea salt ganache, salted caramel, and a chocolate biscuity base, so it’s perfect for if you fancy a naughty treat.

If you fancy treating your loved ones, or just yourself to a tasty treat this weekend, you can buy them in-store or online at Tesco, or alternatively at Ocado.


Image: Ocado
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