You Can Now Get An Avocado Easter Egg & We’re Eggcited!

We all know someone who is absolutely obsessed with Avocado’s, and who will have the vibrant green fruit pretty much every day of the week, with anything. So they’d probably love to receive one of these Avocado Easter eggs!

An Avocado Easter Egg has been released for the Avocado obsessed of the world, but unfortunately they aren’t quite as healthy as the real thing!

The egg may be made entirely of chocolate, but it looks remarkably like the real thing, if you could buy a giant Avocado anyway.

Eyes are sure to light up when lovers of the fruit see the vivid green hue of the chocolate that fills the egg, which is made from white chocolate.

Image: Waitrose

It’s then wrapped in Belgian chocolate to look like the skin, and even contains a stone in the middle, which is a smaller egg dusted in cocoa.

Doesn’t it just sound heavenly?

This eggciting offering comes exclusively from supermarket Waitrose who describe it as being ‘pure, indulgent chocolate.’

If you fancy treating a friend or loved one to one of these alternative eggs, you can pick one up from the supermarket for £8.

They may be made of chocolate, but you can at least pretend you’re being healthy, plus, you have to admit, they’re super instagrammable too!


Images: Waitrose
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