You Can Now Get CHEESEBURGER Flavour Pringles!

We all know how seriously moreish Pringles crisps are and how hard it is to not sit and eat an entire tube of your fave flavour, *i’m looking at your Sour Cream & Chive*, but now the famous brand have revealed a new flavour, and we think they’re going to be insanely addictive!

There’s nothing better than kicking back and binging your fave Netflix show with a tube of Pringles, and now you’ll be able to enjoy them flavoured with one of your favourite weekend foods. Cheeseburger!

The new flavours are part of the ‘Food Truck Flavours’ range which also includes a Mexican inspired chicken taco flavour too!

The exciting new Pringles are currently widely being sold in the United States, but one UK shop, Randalls in Kettering, has started stocking it over here, so hopefully more retailers will follow soon.

If you don’t live near Kettering though, you can also buy them on Amazon for £3.14!

We don’t know about you, but we’re excited to try the new snack. Hopefully they’ll hit our shores more widely soon!

Image: Amazon
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