You can now post your items sold on eBay via Argos

You can now post your items sold on Ebay via Argos

Do you sell old things on eBay but find it inconvenient posting them out? Well things just got a whole lot easier!

You can now use Argos to post items that you’ve sold on eBay. It will be faster, safer and a lot more secure. The best bit is that you can drop off parcels seven days a week and for delivery the next day.

How does it work? 

Securely package up your item that you’ve sold on eBay so that no single dimension exceeds 70cm and weighs no more than 20kg.

Then take your package to the eBay counter in your local Argos where you will be able to buy a postage label.

Make sure you drop your package off by 3.00pm for delivery the next working day and you’ll be able to track your package to its destination.

You will even be able to enter your tracking number into My eBay to track the package.

So if you’re an eBay seller this will be such a convenient option for you!

CLICK HERE to see full details of the scheme.


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