Can your child turn £2.50 into £200?

Can your child turn £2.50 into £200?

A young girl has managed to do just that!

A 5 year old girl from Farnworth, Gracie Davis, gets Shopkins toys after school as a treat. The small toys cost just £2.50 for a pack of three.

The toys are a collectable type of toy, so the idea is that you try and get all of them. At first they didn’t realise that they Gracie had even got one of the rare toys.

Whilst browsing on eBay, Gracie’s mum, Jessica came across a different rare Shopkins toys selling for £500. So she checked to see if any of Gracie’s toy were the rear limited edition toys. It just so happened that one was. So, with Help from her mother, Gracie decided to sell the rare toy on eBay

The toy was being watched for a while, waiting until the final few seconds to bid on it. In the final few seconds the bid went form just over £150 to over £200. The final selling price for the toy was £201.67.

The £2.50 investment into a child’s toy, turned into over £200. So, it would be a good idea to see if you child’s toys are worth anything on auction sites, like eBay.


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