Be careful what websites you use when logged into Facebook

Be careful what websites you use when logged into Facebook

This is quite scary how much information Facebook can get on us!

If you visit websites you would rather keep quite or secret, you know what I mean, then make sure you log yourself out of your Facebook account before you use them websites…

Facebook have the ability to collect information on the websites you use whilst you’re logged into Facebook so they can target ads to you better.

According to their data policy, Facebook states: “We collect information when you visit or use third-party websites and apps that use our Services (like when they offer our Like button or Facebook Log In or use our measurement and advertising services).

“This includes information about the websites and apps you visit, your use of our Services on those websites and apps, as well as information the developer or publisher of the app or website provides to you or us.”

Facebook do this so they can supply you with better targeted ads based on what you like and the websites you visit often.

If you forget to sign out of Facebook and don’t want ‘unwanted’ ads similar to the websites you’re viewing then you can simply delete your browsing history. Although Facebook will know what you have been up to, they won’t supply you ads related to these websites.

So in future, be careful of what you view in your spare time haha!

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