Carol Vorderman Is Teaching Your Kids Maths For FREE!

It’s fair to say that home schooling can be a real struggle, particularly when it comes to maths, but good old numbers whizz Carol Vorderman is here to help!

Anyone else looking at their kids maths homework as cluelessly as their kids? Well thanks to Countdown’s Carol Vorderman, you don’t have to worry about teaching your kids the wrong stuff!

The Maths Factor, created by the talented mathematician, has made its services FREE to every child to support their continued learning while they’re stuck at home during school closures.

The learning site is ideal for kids from the ages of 4-12 and makes learning maths fun with enthusiastic daily lessons from Carol herself, interactive games, and real rewards!

The content of the site is matched with the National Curriculum too, so you can be assured that your children are learning the relevant syllabus and won’t fall behind when they go back to school.

If you’d like to get your kids started, you can JOIN FOR FREE HERE!



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