CEO E-mail Addresses

Have you ever had a really bad experience with a company and going through the usual channels isn’t helping?

Then you need to see this website! It lists so many of the top companies CEO’s email addresses.

Have you ever submitted a complained to a retailer because of a poor experiance, poor product etc?

It becomes a nightmare when the complaint isn’t taken seriously.

A relative of mine is currently fighting with a sofa company right now after she bought such a poor quality item of furniture for them – after getting nowhere with the companies complaints department, I gave her the CEO details and the problem is currently getting sorted out.

It definitely pays to take your complaint to the top if you are sick of slow, unreliable complaint departments.

I have used CEO details in the past to complain after months of getting nowhere with the retailer and all problems have been sorted within 14 days.

If you decided to take a complaint to a CEO department and you get a good outcome, let me know and I will post testimonials on this post 🙂

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