Chad Valley Product Recall!

Chad Valley Product Recall!

Argos has announced an urgent product recall on a Chad Valley product.

Chad Valley Horse
Chad Valley Pepsie Interactive Horse

The Product is the ‘Chad Valley pipsie the interactive horse’. The issue with the product is that the apples, included with the horse, can break apart and the internal magnet will come out.

If the magnet comes out it could be a choking hazard for children. Furthermore, if the magnet is swallowed and ingested the magnet could cause internal damage.

Currently, there have been now incidents or injuries that have been reported. They are recalling the product just as a precaution, so the problem can be fixed before any child can be harmed.


If you have bought one of the interactive horses, you should remove the apples as soon as possible and then dispose of them in with normal household waste. The horse itself does not need to be thrown away.

As a replacement, Argos are offering 2 cupcakes, which will work in the same way as the apples. Hopefully, these cupcakes will not break and pose a threat like the apples. To get the replacement cupcakes register Here.

If you have any further questions call their customer service line at 0345 600 5388 (UK) or 1800535091 (Republic of Ireland).

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