Cheaper ways to get a degree!


Cheaper ways to get a degree!

With University fees going up, and the amount being offered in grants going down, potential students would be forgiven for avoiding University these days.

Lots of people now associate university and studying with a huge pile of debt, and there’s been lots of negative press around the topic lately which isn’t helping to encourage youngsters thinking about further developing their education.

Obviously university isn’t for everyone, but I would 100% encourage anybody who wishes to go to University to get valuable experience an all-important degree to do so. Don’t let the cost hold you back too much because there are cheaper ways to get a degree if you can just avoid going down the conventional route.

You can now get a degree online

Committing to a University degree online doesn’t necessarily mean that you escape the fees scott free, but you will save money in so many other ways. You could literally get your degree from the comfort of your bedroom. Lots of universities offer online degrees now as they fit around so many people’s lifestyles. With an online degree, you will be sent virtual learning guides and can live chat with your personal tutor online.

If you choose to go down the online degree path, you can do it around a full-time job so you’ll still be earning while your learning which is usually the biggest attraction. Apart from this you won’t need to spend any of your money on the commute to lectures or on student accommodation which means you can cut down on loans too. This is a sure-fire way of keeping your debt down to an absolute minimum.

Study part-time for your degree

Studying part-time frees up space for you to work part time meaning you can earn some money in your spare time and ultimately work up much less debt. Most universities will offer part-time courses spread over four years instead of three. These courses are catered for parents, people who are already working and just generally those who have other commitments. Lectures will often be on an evening so it fits with your schedule.

Consider going abroad

It may sound extreme, but you could always consider studying abroad. The huge advantage to this is that you won’t have to pay! Lots of countries either offer free degrees or much cheaper tuition fees than what we are paying in England. Some popular choices with British students are Germany and Austria who both offer free degrees. Not only will you avoid tuition fees, but studying in a foreign country looks great on a CV for future employers.

The big downside to this option is that you won’t be able to apply for any student loans if you aren’t studying in the UK meaning you’d have to pay for everything yourself. This is an ideal option for students who are planning on taking a year out to work first which will give them a chance to save up. If you do it right, you could end up with an amazing degree, but also be completely debt free!

Avoid going into student digs

This is certainly the most effective way of cutting down your university costs. As a student, the majority of your money will be going on living costs and accommodation. I know lots of people will argue that they want the ‘full university experience’ but if you are serious about cutting down on debt and finding a cheaper way to get a degree, this is definitely the way to do it. If you choose a university that’s close to your family home, you can commute. Plus you’ll never need to worry about learning to use a washing machine …. or an oven for that matter!

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