OH MY GOD – You Can Get Paid To Be A Chicken Nugget Taste Tester

Calling all chicken nugget lovers, B&M are officially hiring a ‘Chicken Nugget Connoisseur’.

Yep – you can actually be paid to eat chicken nuggets all day long.

B&M have listed a job on their website advertising for the role of ‘Chicken Nugget Connoisseur’. Surely this is a dream come true for anyone who SERIOUSLY loves nugs?


The job includes testing a range of B&M’s frozen food products – so unfortunately it won’t all be about the nugs, there’ll be some fish fingers thrown in there too.

Sadly the role is temporary and you’ll be paid via a £25 B&M voucher every month which you’ve gotta buy your nuggets with.

But, if you’re still interested in the job, all you’ve got to do is send off a CV and cover letter stating why you’re perfect for the role. Surely being a McDonalds regular is enough ‘previous experience’, right?

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