Child Stars Of The 90’s Where Are They Now?

Ever wondered what happened to the child stars on the 90’s?

Wondering what they are up to know? You’re about to find out!

We have been reminiscing all things 90’s in the office today and we started to wonder what happened to some of our favourite 90’s stars.

Let’s be honest, children’s TV shows are not like they used to be. The films, TV shows and pop stars were of a much better class back in the day…

Drake & Josh

Drake still seems to be acting, with his latest film out in June 2015. However, he seems to be accident prone.  In 2005 he suffered major injuries after a car crash. He also dived into the shallow end of a pool in early 2015 and broke his wrist.

Josh is also still in the showbiz lifestyle but he is know also known for his amazing Snapchat stories… I will have to check these out…

DajDrake & Josh then…

drakeDrake now

joshJosh now… Huh?! When did he get fit?!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Ok, who’s with me? You were secretly disappointed when you turned 16 and you realised you didn’t have powers like Sabrina?

Sabrina, or Melissa as she is known in the real world, had a sitcom on ABC called Melissa and Joey but that has just ended after it’s fourth series. Melissa is also married with 3 children now.

sabSabrina/Melissa then and now… She hasn’t changed much at all.

It’s So Raven

I will admit, I haven’t heard of this one but Aimee and Chloe got quite excited about this in the office. The star of the show, Raven Symone, seems to have a few TV shows lined up for 2015 and is about to finish recording her fifth album.

raven-symoneNope, still not sure who she is…

Kevin – Home Alone

I could watch Home Alone over and over when I was a child, I wish they hadn’t made anything beyond Home Alone 1 and 2 though as they totally spoilt it. Kevin AKA Macaulay Culkin, has just turned 35! He has since lived a bit of a controversial life but I have just read a few roumers saying he will star in Orange Is The New Black which is one of my fave TV shows!

Macaulay-CulkinIt’s a shame the way his life has went, lets hope he picks himself up.

Annie from urmmm… Annie

Alieen Quinn played Annie in the 1982 hit movie. Aileen went on to star in a few different movies but is now lead singer in a band called The Leaping Lizards. It’s amazing how well this movie still does 23 years on. My 5 year old daughter is currently obsessed with it and is always singing the songs.

annieAnnie AKA Aileen Quinn then and now

Jesse – Free Willy

Free Willy was one of my favourite films, I would always cry every time I watched it too. Jason Richter who played Jesse still seems to be in the movie business and has films announced way up to 2017. Did you know, in 2012, Jason played a clown in the hit US drama Bones? You do now!

jesseJessie AKA Jason Richter then and now


I remember my little sister would watch Matilda back to back when we were younger, I used to love it… But is Matilda still living with Miss Honey? Well… Mara Wilson who played Matilda, insisted her acting days were over back in 2013 and is now concentrating on writing. She has been snapped up by Penguin books so look out for her debut book in 2016.

matildaMatilda AKA Mara Wilson then and now

Bruce Bogtrotter

While we are on the Matilda theme, ever wondered what happened to Brucey who ate all that chocolate cake? Well, according to good old Google, his real name is Jimmy Karz and he took a career change and has not long finished medical school! BRUCEY BRUCEY BRUCEY!

bruceyBrucey, or Jimmy as he likes to be called, then and now

Kenan & Kel

Who loves orange soda? This is what Saturday mornings were all about! Not catching up with your housework or a quick trip to Asda…

Well Kel has now been married, divorced and now remarried. While Kenan married a model! They have both had a few TV slots since Kenan and Kel, however, I would love them to do a come back!


kenanKel then and now… Wow! <3

kelKenan then and now

Harmony – The Queens Nose

Was it just me that would always rub the nose on a 50p piece after seeing this show? Harmony, or Victoria as she is known in real life. After The Queens Nose, Victoria continued with some TV and voice over work. However, she has since retrained as a humanistic psychotherapist and counsellor.

queens nose Harmony/Victoria then and now

Charlie – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We all loved this film when we were younger. Charlie, or Peter as he is also known as, gave up on the world of showbiz after gaining a chocolate factory. Peter was offered a three-picture deal on the strength of his performance as Charlie Bucket. Peter quit acting by the end of high school and went on to get a veterinarian degree from Cornell University.

charlieCharlie Bucket or Peter then and now

Ashley – Fresh Prince

We all loved Fresh Prince, and since Will and Carlton aren’t exactly closed books and out the lime light, so the next best character to catch up with is Ashley. In 2008 Tatyana as she is also known as, travelled the US as a spokes person for Obama’s presidential campaign! Tatyana is still some TV roles too.

fresh princeTatyana then and now… Will Smith though <3

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