Children at events – should there be a shuffle in seats?

Children at events – should there be a shuffle in seats?

Should there be special seating plans for children going to concerts, cinema and theatre?

We pay a lot of money to take our children to their favourite events and a lot of the time their viewing is restricted and it spoils the experiance for them. Should more be done to ensure they get clear view of the stage?

I recently took my five-year-old daughter to see Annie the musical. Annie is her favourite film and she learnt all the words to the songs before we went so she could sing along. It cost quite a lot for our tickets but I thought it would be worth it as I know the seats are tiered and my daughter should be able to see ok.

However, once we got to our seats it was quite obvious my daughter wouldn’t be able to see at all. There were mainly adults in-front of us and she spent the entire night sitting on my knee trying to boost herself up or standing.

A similar thing happened over the weekend in Newcastle at the Little Mix concert. Children couldn’t see their favourite band on the stage or the screens due to adults standing for the whole concert in-front of them.

A while ago when my husband and I went to an event, we were sat in-front of a mother and child and I noticed we were blocking the child’s view so we swapped seats with them and the child was so happy and the mother very grateful.

So should more be done to ensure children get to enjoy the events they go to see?

Maybe a dedicated family seating area? A ‘family only’ viewing of the show or concert? Maybe a warning on the tickets that children may suffer limited viewing?

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