Childrens Car Seat Laws To Change This Year

Childrens Car Seat Laws To Change This Year

Currently, all children under 135cm or below 12 years old are required, by law, to use a booster seat. Backless booster seats were thought to be secure enough for a child to be safe. However, after further research by experts this information seems to be false.

The booster seat rules are going to change and become more strict. After the new rules are enforced only children taller than 125cm and weighing more than 22kg are allowed to use backless booster seats. Children as small as 15kg, around the age of three, can use backless booster seats. Experts say backless booster seats are not suitable for children that small.

The research discovered that the car seat does little to no protection for children in sideways collisions. Whilst using backless booster seats the normal seat belt in the car is used, because of this reason the child isn’t properly protected. This is due to the belt not covering the body in the right way.

Booster seats are preferred by parents as they are cheaper than full backed car seats. However, the full backed seats are much safer. This is because in a frontal crash guides the seat belt of the optimum position to protect the child. Full backed seats are also safer in sideways collisions as the sides and head guard on the car seats protected the child from hitting the hard side of the car.

The change will be taking place in December of this year. However, the changes will only apply to new products and existing products will not be breaking any laws if used. After the new rule are effective you will see that the backless booster seats will not be approved for children smaller than 125cm and lighter than 22kg.

To see the crash tests for both backless and backed car seats on the Which? website Here.

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