Children’s Juice Carton Contained Mould

Children’s juice carton contained mould

I have bought these for my children a few times too!

A mother was left feeling sick after she discovered mould at the bottom of her daughters carton of juice.

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Clara Sickling, from Redcar, North Yorkshire, bought her daughter a Calypso carton drink from budget supermarket Aldi for her daughter Poppy.

Clara noticed the straw was missing so she poured the tropical juice into a cup instead. She then spotted something gruesome when she went to give the cup to her daughter – and felt sick after she realised it was mould.

Clara said on her Facebook post about the juice drink ”I FEEL SICK. Poppy wanted a drink this morning FORTUNATELY the straw was missing from this drink so I poured it into a cup for her, this was purchased from ALDI and as you can see it is well within date. If the straw had of been there then I would have stuck it in and let her drink it. DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS DRINK THIS AND PLEASE SHARE”


The post has been shared more than 65,000 times on social media in less than 48 hours. In the comments section, Clara indicates that she reported the mouldy drink to both Aldi and Environmental Health. She wrote: “Environmental health are on their way to my house right now! This is what ALDI have said: ‘We can confirm that this is a branded item not exclusive to Aldi. Whilst we can offer a full refund of the product in store if you return with your receipt, we will be unable to offer any further information regarding this’.”

Now, this product isn’t exclusive to Aldi, I’m pretty such I bought a multipack a while ago from Asda. This product may be for sale in a number of different outlets. 

If you have bought any, pour them into a glass and check there is no mould in the carton before drinking.

Pass this on to anyone you think may have bought some…

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