Childsafe Monitor & App With A Difference!

Childsafe Monitor & App With A Difference!

Did you all see the web post I did last week about the mother who left her baby in a scorching car? You can see it HERE, but I should warn you It’s quite upsetting.

There was a lot of social media outrage when that video went viral and now a new product has been created that will remind people that their child is still in the car seat when you get out the car so that you don’t forget and leave them in the car.

There seem to be split opinions on this product, some people think It’s a great idea since the video proves these accidents can happen, whereas others seem to think It’s simply ridiculous.

The product is called the Childsafe Monitor. There is a small attachment that goes on the car seat buckle. Alongside this you can download the app which will remind you that your child is in their seat when you get out of the car so you don’t forget they are in the back seat of the car. The company have said that every year many children die because parents accidentally leave them in the car unattended. According to, who has collected this information for the past 10 years. An average of 37 children die every year during the hot season by suffocation.


Janette Fennell, President and Founder of said that “the worst mistake any parent or caregiver can make, is to think this could never happen to them, and they are not capable of unknowingly leaving their children behind”

The devices aren’t currently for sale, they are in the crowd funding stage to raise money for it to go on the market, but with number of casualties rising they are set to be available soon. Do you think this is a worthwhile product if it could potentially save a life? Please join the poll and let me know!

CLICK HERE for more information on te Childsafe Monitor.

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