Chill In The Sun With Magnum’s New Ice Cream Range

With the sun finally scorching across the nation, Magnum has launched a new range just in time!

Everyone’s fave ice cream giant has released a new range that’ll have your mouth watering and here at Ashleigh, we can barely contain our excitement.

Magnum has released a White Chocolate & Cookies range, which comes in both tubs as well as sticks, depending on your preference.

The stick ice cream is covered in gold foil and when unwrapping, the outer layer of the ice cream is smothered in white chocolate and pieces of cookies.

After scoffing our faces with Magnum, we found the inside of the ice cream is full of smooth ice cream with swirls of chocolate sauce.

However, if you’re after the tub version of the ice cream, you’ll be glad to know that it’s filled with the same scrumptious flavours! Yass.

The new range of Magnum ice creams can be found in any major supermarkets. The stick version costs £3.69 for 3 or £3.85 for a tub.

Will you be buying this ice cream? Let us know!

Image: Magnum
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