Chocolate Fans: Make Way For Colossal Clyde!

Move out the way Colin the Caterpillar, there’s a new bug in town!

From family birthdays to office parties, we’ve all been fed a caterpillar cake at least once in our lifetime and the majority of us seem to really enjoy it.

Just like the popular Colin Caterpillar at M&S, Asda’s version, ‘Colossal Clyde’ consists of a chocolate sponge that is rolled up with chocolate flavor buttercream that is then coated with chocolate and edible decorations.

Colossal Clyde claims to feed around 24 people and it’ll set your bank balance back by £12.

According to a bakery expert over at Asda, this supersized cake has been increasingly in demand as their customers love extraordinary products.

Clyde the Colossal Caterpillar Cake will be available in Asda online and in-store from April 1st.

Image: The Mirror
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