Christmas Parties At No28

Every so often, you get an email that really catches your attention

Such as getting an invite to a bloggers Christmas party at N028.

If you haven’t heard of No28 then you have been living under a rock so I have been told. I hadn’t heard of it yet all my friends had.

This is probably more to do with the fact I have 3 kids, little social life and work every spare hour I get. So I decided I would remove myself from my rock and take No28 up on their invite to the bloggers Christmas party.

You will find No28 in the heart of Newcastle, just near The Grainger Market on Nelson Street. 

I rounded up some friends and we headed to No28. 

Wow! What a place! The decor is so trendy and the vibe is amazing.

We were treated to Christmas music, a sample of their Christmas menu, prosecco and cocktails.

We sat ourself ourselves at the table right next to the Christmas tree to get ourselves right in the Christmas spirit. This venue is definitely a great place for a Christmas party! Everything you could possibly want from a Christmas party is available at No28 and there is a DJ on until 3am which is a massive bonus.

The food is simply amazing. I wish I had taken a pen and some paper to write down what they canapés were called but I do remember being offered ‘rarebit’ and I had to double check and ask if we were eating rabbit lol.

Now onto the alcohol – my favourite part! There was wine tasting and a cocktail master class while we were there so me being me, got stuck right in!

The cocktails were amazing! The master cocktail maker shared all his knowledge on cocktails, did you know there are often 2 straws in a cocktails because during the war cocktails would be shared? Well you do now! I made sure I had a try of every cocktail, for research purposes only of course… They were all amazing, my favourite had to be Fruit Salad. It actually came full of sliced fruit and cucumber! It was delicious.

So if you are looking for somewhere to book a Christmas party in Newcastle, I would definitely put No28 on your short-list because this place is definitely the place to be.

Now I am off back under my rock, taking a bit of a hangover with me, until my next exciting invite comes through.

Ash x

I took a few photos that night…

10 All ready and rocking my new dark and red ombre!

8 The night started with a prosecco

3 By the end of the night, my cocktail was smiling at me


7 I love the ceiling decor, this place is so trendy!

6 Cocktail master class

5 Setting fire to fruit – as you do!

2 With my lovely friend Jordan 🙂

1 And my lovely friend Susan. I really need to work on the lighting!

4 Alcohol selfie with Jordan, Susan and Pixie 🙂

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