Christmas Savings Clubs

Are you interested in saving money for Christmas?

Find the right Christmas savings clubs are crucial

Did you know the average spend on Christmas is £868?!

We have had a lot of Christmas savings ideas on here lately, the 52 week challenge seems to be very popular, but some people are wanting actual savings clubs as they find those easier to save with.

I have done some research into the top savings clubs but as always, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Some tips to get you started…

  • First off, you want to check any club you join is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme – if the company goes bust, as we unfortunately seen a few year ago, then you will get your money back.
  • Look at alternatives like our 52 week money challenge and alternatives
  • Think about buying in sales throughout the year – this is what I do and you can often get some great gift sets or ‘staple’ gifts such as board games, fragrance sets, slippers etc.
  • Think about opening a savings account at a bank so you can earn interest on the money you are putting away 

Asda Christmas savings card

  • You can simply top up your savings card at the till
  • You get bonus savings paid to your card in November…
  • If you have saved £144 your bonus will be £6
  • If you have saved £97 your bonus will be £3
  • If you saved £49 your bonus will be £1
  • You can purchase as many cards as you like
  • They can be the perfect Christmas gift for family & friends
  • If you register the card online then you can protect the balance should you lose the card
  • There is no minimum you can save

See more about Asda here…

Coop Christmas Savings Trust

  • It’s simple to start a savings trust instore
  • You can purchase £1 stamps in store throughout the year and you put them into a savings book up to the value of £48
  • You can redeem the savings at any time throughout the year 
  • If you wait and redeem the book at Christmas, you will be given a £2 bonus
  • You can have more than one card

See more about Coop here…

Tesco Christmas Saver

  • You can save all of your Clubcard vouchers and receive them in November – however, they are worth more if you convert them into rewards rather than spending instore. You could save them up for days out instead?
  • You can save from 50p to £360
  • Your bonus payment is £3 for every £50 you save
  • You will receive coupons throughout the year to be used on your grocery shop

See more about Tesco here…

Park Savings Club

  • Choose presents and/or vouchers out of their catalogue now and pay for them over the year
  • You can buy food hampers too so your Christmas grocery shop is done well in advance
  • You can pay over the phone, through your bank, cheque and direct debit
  • Your savings are guaranteed to be safe
  • Everything needs to be paid for by 1st November
  • Sometimes the payments increase as you get closer to Christmas

See more about Park here…


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