Cinema Deals And Offers

Are you looking for some fab cinema deals and offers?

Lets face it, a trip to the cinema is expensive!

I have decided to put this post together full of cinema deals and offers so it doesn’t have to be…

I was shocked when I priced cinema tickets a few weeks ago… Nearly £50 for 5 of us to go see a movie in 3D! 

2 Adults and 3 children isn’t the best combination to have as most companies seem to think that ‘families’ are 2 adults and 2 children, so you often can’t even bring your price down with a family ticket.

So I have been on the hunt for all of the best cinema deals and offer to help you save a few pound the next time you want to visit your local cinema.

The cheapest option seems to be stay at home! Rent the movie from your TV provider, such as Sky Box Office.

Odeon Offers

    • No fees when you book online
    • Supersaver tickets – Monday – Thursday before 5pm. 
    • Students get 25% off ticket prices with their NUS card.
    • Bargain Monday – £4.90 a ticket for everyone at selected cinemas only – Participating cinemas 
    • Kids screenings. £2.50 a ticket and there is a range of films showing from new to classics.

Empire Offers

      • Empire Jnrs. £1.25 a ticket and they show a range of the latest movies from the past year.
      • Empire Seniors – £3 a ticket and includes a tea or coffee plus a biscuit on Wednesdays only.
      • Last chance to see Thursday – Reduced priced tickets.
      • Parent & baby screening – Perfect for those with little one’s from 0-2 years. A relaxing experience with some great films… The lights will be up and sound will be down 🙂
      • Tuesday ticket prices are £3.60

Vue Offers

      • On Tuesdays receive 1/3 off your ticket price
      • All inclusive family package – save up to 20%. 
      • Student tickets for £3.99 with NUS card.
      • Kids screenings – £1.99 a ticket and they show a range of the latest movies. 
      • Off peak tickets – Cheaper tickets if you visit before 5pm Monday – Friday. Prices are different at various locations so best to check before you go.

Cineworld Offers

      • Off peak tickets – cheaper tickets if you visit before 5pm Monday – Friday. Prices are different at various locations so best to check before you go.
      • Unlimited card – From £16.90 a month you can go and see as many films as you like!
      • Movies for juniors – From £1.75 a ticket and you can view a whole load of the latest and most popular films that have been out for a few 

If you have any money saving tips for a cheap trip to the cinema, please get in-touch and let me know please!

If I have missed any cinema deals and offers then please let me know and I will add it to the list and thank you 🙂 

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