Claim £48 a year if you’re a Barclays current account holder

Claim £48 a year if you’re a Barclays current account holder

Are you a Barclay’s current account holder who uses online banking or the Barclay’s app? If so then you can now receive £48 a year from them with the launch of their new Blue Rewards scheme!

For a monthly fee of just £3, customers who sign up to this incentive scheme will receive fixed cash rewards of up to £15 per month! You could also receive cash back of up to 6% when spending with selected partners such as Expedia, Gap, Boots, Topman and Toys R Us!


The rewards programme started on Monday for current account customers to sign up via the app, and will be available later in the week for those who use Barclays online banking.

The cashback from participating retailers and rewards will go straight into a separate ‘wallet’ which will only be visible through the app or online banking, but customers will then be able to transfer from here into their current accounts as and when they wish.


This exciting new scheme is all part of Barclays Banks attempt to look after it’s loyal existing customers, rather than favouring its new ones. The idea is that the more you bank with Barclays, the more cash you will receive from them.


Barclays say that this scheme will offer more lower paid workers an opportunity to join than its rivals. The scheme is open to customers with just an £800 deposit a month into their current account. You must also have two direct debits set up and signed up to Online banking or the Barclays Mobile Banking app.

Although the money is not huge in this rewards scheme, it definitely all adds up and is worth looking into if you have a Barclays current account.

*We are not affiliated with Barclays in any way.


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