Clear Score Free Credit Report

I can never say this enough, don’t ever pay a subscription for your credit report.

Clear score free credit report is fantastic.

I have always recommended Noddle when it came to checking your credit score for free but I have recently came across Clear Score and they give a more in-depth report.

It is super easy to sign up, they will need your personal details just as the more popular companies such as Experian, but they are official partners of Equifax.

Clear Score break everything down on their dashboard to simplify your rating. They will tell you the following;

  • Your credit score out of 700
  • How many positives and negatives you have on your credit report
  • Whether your credit is poor, stable, good etc
  • Your long term debt total
  • It also updates every 30 days and it tells you how many days until your report will be updated 

If you select a more in-depth report, you will be told the following;

  • Your credit score
  • The average credit score in your area
  • The average credit score of the UK
  • What has changed on your report in 2015 (in graph form so it’s easy to read)
  • It’ll show you where you can improve on your score

The way this website is laid out is much easier than other websites I have seen so it is well worth a look.

Like anything I recommend, I have checked this website out fully and it is 100% genuine and safe to use. It will give you a clear idea of whether you will be accepted for finance such as Personal Loans and Credit Cards.

Head to Clear Score here and take a look…

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